Wholesale Kimonos and Loungewear

Elevate your boutique or store with our collection of wholesale women's clothing, specially curated to evoke elegance and comfort. Our range includes wholesale kimonos and wholesale loungewear, designed for moments of relaxation and everyday chic. Our loungewear collection embraces style without compromising on comfort. An invitation to your customers to indulge in self-care and express their unique personalities through fashion.

Our sizes range from petite to one size and options for curvy women. Some of our kimonos are suitable for a full-figure and might be a perfect fit for a plus-size boutique. As kimonos are easier to size than other women’s clothing, they make great gifts and might be a great addition to a gift store. As a women’s clothing brand, our products are very suitable for any women’s clothing or fashion store. They are also perfect for travel providing an excellent choice for tourism-based or travel-related shops to expand their opportunities. Our robes are suitable for maternity stores and wedding-related retailers as we have a bride kimono and other choices for the bridal party or family of the bride or groom.

We stock and have partnerships for kimonos, beach cover-ups, women’s loungewear, women’s tops, women’s dresses, crop tops and bralettes, robes for maternity, women’s robes, women’s lounge pants, tank tops, and leggings. There are a range of styles of kimonos in our collection - we have long and short styles, traditional sleeve kimonos, and modern fashions in a variety of colours and patterns. 

Quality is the focus of all of the pieces we sell. Every detail is reviewed including fabric choices, design, stitching, fasteners and other haberdashery. 

Bulk women’s Clothing Opportunities

Based in Canada, we serve both Canadian and the USA markets and would also be interested with partners in other markets. As a partner in your success, we prioritize product quality, versatility, and timely delivery, ensuring your retail outlet stays ahead of the fashion curve. Our dedication to fostering strong partnerships means you not only receive exceptional wholesale women's clothing but also a reliable collaborator invested in your growth.

Join us on this journey of fashion and emotion, where each piece in our wholesale collection is not just a garment but a narrative waiting to unfold in your boutique. Elevate your customers' experience, offering them more than clothes – a connection to style. Discover wholesale kimonos, loungewear, and bulk women's clothes that speak volumes about your boutique's commitment to quality and distinctive fashion for all

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